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We provide a number of “off-the-shelf” Mobile Tool Crib and Mobile Tool Tracker Apps as well as a number of customized Mobile Tool Crib “in-the-clouds” and Tool Tracking Apps. Our Mobile Apps are ideal for tracking off-site Tooling, Mobile Assets, and Mobile Equipment.

The Tooltrax V6.0 Mobile (GPS) App shown in the adjacent image, is a Mobile Tool Crib “in-the-hand” App that is installed on a smartphone or tablet where all the data resides on the device without the need for a server or cloud connection.

The Tooltrax V6.0 Mobile (GPS) App allows the user to enter all Mobile Tooling and Mobile Assets data and control all Check-Outs and Check-Ins to and from the Users. The App tracks the Tool and Asset Number, the Work Order against which the Tool or Mobile Asset is checked out, the User ID, the User Location GPS Coordinates, the Operational Hours, and the Operational Cost.

The Tooltrax V6.0 Mobile (GPS) App provides detailed reports of all Tool  activities including Tool and Mobile Asset “In-Service” Hours and “Operating” Costs.

The The Tooltrax V6.0 Mobile (GPS) Apps can be used to track Tooling and Mobile Heavy Equipment such as: Cranes, Earth Movers, Concrete Mixers, Pipe Layers, etc…  Each Mobile piece of Equipment Operator would be provided with the App to track all the work activities, work orders, work locations, GPS locations,operating hours, and operating costs for the Equipment.


We provide a customized “tool-crib-in-the-cloud” solution that allows the customer to use a private cloud to store all their Tooling and Mobile Equipment records and daily transaction using a smartphone or a tablet. There is no need for a “Corporate” or any “Back-End” servers. There is no need for any PCs, Laptops, or Macs to enter, record, or retrieve data and transactions.

We provide a private cloud and a set of Apps for the “User” and “Admin” to enter all Tooling and Mobile Equipment records, perform Check-Out and Check-Ins, and obtain detailed Reports and GPS Locations for all Tooling and Equipment. This solution has a built-in login capability that identifies the private cloud and logs in automatically onto the private cloud.

This solution is ideal for companies that want to setup a Tool Crib without the need to purchase servers, upgrade existing IT Infrastructures, or worry about external security for “off-site” connections.  We provide the complete solution.

Tool Crib In The Cloud
Tool Crib In-The-Cloud
Mobile Tooling Dispatch App | Mobile Equipment Dispatch App
Tool & Mobile Assets Dispatch Apps


We provide Tool & Mobile Asset “Dispatch” Apps that allow a “central dispatch” location to dispatch Tooling and Mobile Assets and track the location and usage of these assets in “real-time” and using GPS locators.

The dispatch system is based on a private cloud where the ADMIN is provided with a smartphone or tablet based App to manage and track the tooling and assets and each USER is provided with another APP to transmit usage data and GPS locations for the dispatched tooling and mobile assets.

The “dispatch” system uses existing internet connections to dispatch and receive data. There is no need for “satellite” receivers, corporate servers, or any other “back-end” systems. The system is ideal for “off-site” and “remote” dispatch of Tooling and Mobile Assets for Public Works Departments, Mobile Crews, Construction Industry, Oil & Gas exploration, or any other industry that dispatched mobile work crews.

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