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Tooltrax Systems Inc. provides full system implementation, technical support and training services with all of our systems. We offer an off-the-shelf version of Tooltrax V6.0 as well as a fully customized version of the system.

We offer system integration services with any existing customer ERP/MRP, Accounting, Finance, HR, Shop Floor Control or any other corporate system that the customer is using. We also offer a full range of Bar Code and Biometric solutions.

We also provide a suite of off-the-shelf and customized Shop Floor Data Collection Apps that are used to collect Tool Tracking, Material Tracking, Labor Tracking, Production Tracking, and Shop Floor Activity Tracking data using smartphones and smart tablets with the ability to upload the data into Tooltrax V6.0 and other existing customer ERP, Material Ordering, and Shop Floor Planning Systems.

Our experienced and multi-lingual staff are available to the customer On-site and On-Line on a 24/7 basis. All our services are available in English and French as well as a number of international languages.


We provide a number of Tool Tracking, Mobile Equipment Tracking, and Labor Tracking Apps. Our free and paid Apps are available on the Google Play Store link below:


We have a division dedicated to developing off-the-shelf and customized Apps. Please click on the below link to connect to our Apps division:(

Call Us: 905-639-4522 or Toll Free: 1-88TOOLTRAX or 1-888-665-8729
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