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TOOLTRAX V6.0 is our fully integrated Tooling Management Software with 8 built-in major modules: Tool Crib Control, Tool Inventory Control, Tool Planning, Tool Service Analysis, Maintenance & Calibration Control, Tool Cost Control, Report Writer, and SQL Query Generator.

 TOOLTRAX V6.0 has a built-in interface for Barcode, Laser, RFID, and Magnetic Swipe Readers. TOOLTRAX V6.0 has built-in Import/Export functions, and a customized interface to major ERP/MRP, Inventory, Accounting, and General Ledger Systems.

TOOLTRAX V6.0 is also available with smartphone and smart device Apps that collect shop floor data and feed the data to our back-office module. 


TooltraxV6.0 is designed to be installed on a corporate server with access provided to multiple corporate divisions, plants, and user locations. All data and programs are stored on the server. All program execution is processed by the user devices (in memory) with a very light footprint and low resource requirements from the server. Smart devices can access the system using a VPN connection or one of our customized APPS.

Tool inventory system
System Architecture
Tool inventory tracking system
Non-Perishable Tooling Data
Calibration Control Software
Perishable Tooling & Material Data


TooltraxV6.0 maintains a number of compulsory and optional fields for each
tool record and calibration/maintenance history:

Tool Number

Serial Number


Drawing Number

Size & Features



Purchase Order

Inspection Report #

Purchase Date

Purchase Cost

Inventory Quantity

Recall Date

Allowable Usage

Allowable Service Time

Calibration/Repair Procedure #

Family (Type) Code

Set (Kit/Tool Box) Number

Location Code

Custodian Code

Storage Code

Status Code

Calibration/Repair Location

Re-Order Quantity


TooltraxV6.0 maintains complete records and history of all tool calibration, repair, and maintenance activities:

Calibration Procedure


Calibration Location Code


Calibration Status Code

Environment Conditions

Calibration Master

Required Accuracy (Tolerance)

Calibration Standard


Date of Calibration

Nominal Values (30)

Next Calibration Date

Measured Values (30)

Calibration Interval

Measurement Tolerances

Calibration # To-Date

Measurement Errors (30)

Inspector Stamp #

Calibration Work Order #

Calibration Cost

Calibration Time

Calibration Recall Software
Calibration, Repair, and Maintenance Data
Tool inventory system


TOOLTRAX V6.0 has a built-in Report Writer and SQL Query Generator that can be used to create new reports and queries or modify 1000+ existing reports and queries.

The over 1000 built-in reports and queries are divided along 6 major categories: Tool Inventory, Tool Usage, Tool Planning, Repair & Calibration Recall , Service Analysis, and Tool Cost Reports.

All reports and queries can be sorted by any of the following data fields: Tool #, Features, Sizes, Tool Type/Family Code, Tool Kit/Set Number, Storage Location, User Location, and End-Product Part Number, Work Order #, and Operation #.

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